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HTTPS is a Ranking Signal for Google – What Does an Attorney Need to Know?

Google has confirmed that HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) has been added as a ranking signal within the Google search algorithm. Ok, enough of this techie stuff already – what is HTTPS and why should an attorney or law firm care? Quite simply, it makes your website more secure and safer for visitors, and the web a safer environment in general. You can add an “SSL” (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to your site for around $70/year through major hosting companies such as GoDaddy, and this is an investment we highly recommend.

While the impact on present day searches is not as strong as “original relevant content” for example, Google has called for the web to become “HTTPS everywhere”. Google has stated several times recently in it’s own blog and publicly that they may decide to strengthen the significance of this element within the Google algorithm in the near future, increasing the impact of HTTPS on your site’s search related performance. This allows Google to implement a more secure vision for the future “while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS”.

The primary take away here is that for $70 a year you can make your own website more secure and increase your web strategy’s signals for trust and credibility. This is a fluid time in the SEO community, and securing an SSL certificate for your site may be the best $70 you spend on your internet strategy this quarter.

NeilHTTPS is a Ranking Signal for Google – What Does an Attorney Need to Know?

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