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Use the Internet to Lock In Referrals

What are the ingredients of an internet strategy that will lock in referrals?   What is the online behavior of a legal referral when they research a potential lawyer?  What can I do to attract and convert referrals to paying clients?  Tell me more about Referral Marketing for Attorneys …

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Make it Rain Business Development Lawyer Attorney

Make it Rain: Build a Stream of New Business for your Law Practice

How can we use the internet to attract the right clients to our firm?

How can I be a dominant force in my market?

We’ve had some success on-line, how can we build upon that to increase our client base and income?

What affordable steps can I take if I’m just starting out or have a limited marketing budget?  Tell me more about “Making it Rain” for My Law Practice

Manage Your Online Reputation

What is “Reputation Management” and how can I manage my/our online reputation?  How does my online reputation affect the conversion of referrals?   What should I do if there is something negative about me or the firm online?  Learn more about “Reputation Management” …

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Making it rain for your practice brings
additional income and security to life.

Rain = Flexibility
Rain = Options
Rain = Freedom

What you do isn’t who you are. Rain allows
you to live life on your own terms.


Rain Marketing + Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of SEO, Content and Media Services to support all aspects of marketing a law practice online. The conversation begins with the desired outcome: What are we going to achieve together? This objective will determine the necessary strategic components. Cost is a variable based upon two primary factors: The competitiveness of the space to be targeted, and the scope of the desired dominance within that space.
Rain Marketing + Consulting, Inc. isn’t about selling some product or service and “hoping”. It isn’t about a year or two of commitment and “let’s see what happens”. Talk to our clients about the level of consistent partnership you will enjoy along the way. That level of service and attention to detail makes all the difference in your success.

The internet is a living, breathing medium. When you take an action, you receive a result. When you take consistent informed action, you achieve a profitable outcome: Paying Customers. Rain!

DON’T FORGET: Services Can Compliment and Integrate Into Your Existing Strategy, or Combine As Needed to Create the Customized Solution That Will Help You Reach Your Goals.

Are you exceeding your income goals?
Or does your present strategy feel like it’s a bit dry … and going nowhere?

Make It Rain

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